On ISIS, the Left are the new “Neo-conservatives”


It is true that half-hearted bombing just to prove a point about GB being badass will just be counter-productive because this is something that actually requires a bit of commitment – ground troops to steamroller ISIS; a post-ISIS strategy for Syria etc. But what is understandably difficult to achieve (because we’re a bit reluctant to empower Assad by killing his enemies) is made virtually impossible when the Left either can’t even agree that we actually need to destroy ISIS or, like  writing this article, insist that the problem is not the terrorists, but our resistance to it.

I say, if they want be martyrs, we should be here to help. The Left say, don’t kill them because that’s what they want us to do… What? One, I really doubt how effective reverse psychology will be when applied to people who kill anyone who dares to doubt whether the prophet was a cool dude. And two, surely the fact they want to be bombed proves just how determinedly psychopathic they are and just how much we need to bomb them? Besides, one of the reasons they are inviting us to bomb them, surely, is because they don’t think we have the nerve – which we should do all in our power to prove wrong.

Instead I just hear sickening nonsense about how the West makes all this worse by resisting it, when in fact, Islamist terrorism has been brutalising places untouched by the West’s ‘war on terror’ bombing for a while now – Boko haram (Nigeria), al-Shabaab (Somalia), Lashka e-Taiba (Pakistan), Jemaal Islamiya (the Phillipines).

Unfortunately, the collective memory of the Left only goes as far back as the narrative of US neo-colonialism will allow, meaning they forget that 9/11 happened before wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and forget that many countries were fighting the ‘war on terror’ long before Western bombs were any part of the equation.

The Left of previous generations would have cheered the defeat of fascism of all stripes and argues for radical measures to do so. But now confronted with one of the most terrifying fascist religious army in living memory, the Left want to ‘talk’ and ‘negotiate’ while protecting the ‘reputation’ of Muslims. This writer is a prime example. His three prescriptions, while credible, are measures that seek only to ‘contain’ the threat of ISIS. Cut off their weapons, seal the borders – ok, fine, but since when was the Left so content to coexist with evil ideologies? Since when was the Left so conservative in their in support of business as usual? And how is it, now, that the Conservatives are the ones opposing the status quo?



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